Textile Care

Muslin Table Runners

Due to Muslin's loose weave, raw edges and fraying are normal and add to it's organic charm. Variations in hue and slight imperfections/markings throughout a piece are also normal when using natural dyeing processes.

Gently hand or machine wash with mild soap (preferably PH neutral)

Do not use bleach. For food or red wine stains use Sard Wonder Soap or other colour safe stain removers. 

Air or Tumble dry (see below)

Iron smooth on medium setting under a towel if a more formal
look is require or crush by hand for lovely textural effect.

Muslin can also be dried using a Clothes Dryer which creates a
lovely ‘bubbly’  or 'waffle-like' texture.

Avoid contact with wax candles where possible.
Sometimes wax can be removed by allowing it to set then machine washing the fabric separately on a hot cycle.
*Please note high heat may leach small amounts of colour.

It is normal for natural dyes to fade over the years particularly if exposed to direct sunlight.

Silk and Velvet

Silk can gently hand washed in a PH neutral detergent such as Lux soap flakes or wool wash. Drip dry or tumble dry (medium heat) and use a medium hot & dry iron (no steam) to iron out wrinkles or run ribbons through a Hair Straightening Iron for a smooth finish. Velvet should always be ironed with the pile facing downwards. Do not apply sudden bursts of steam to silk or velvet. It is natural for Plant Dyed textiles to fade over time - this adds to their appeal as heirlooms, however archival grade tissue paper and keeping items out of direct sunlight will prolong colour fastness.