Colour and Care Notes

table width="548"> Colour note

While I do my very best to ensure the colour you receive is as close to possible as the sample images shown I cannot guarantee exact matches. If you are a control freak or perfectionist (trust me, I totally get it) then hand-dyed products may not be for you. There are so many factors that can affect the final outcome - this is why it's a little bit like magic and each hand-dyed piece is unique and perfectly imperfect! Water hardness, the plant materials used, temperature, mordants and timing all play a part in the process and all are subject to their own whims which are my challenges to tame. Your computer monitor or screen settings can also affect colour representation.


Ribbons and textiles can be hand washed in warm water. Dyes are fixed however some darker shades may run if made wet. Never bleach your ribbons or table textiles - bleach can cause silk to disintegrate and colours to turn yellow or muddy. I recommend Lux Soap flakes, Wool Wash or other PH neutral detergents. It is normal for plant dyes to fade over several years. Drip dry or tumble dry on a cool setting. Ribbons can be ironed on moderate setting (avoid steam) or run through the tongs of a hair straightener, keeping the fabric moving. Store in a dark, dry drawer or cupboard.

Muslin & Cotton/Linen can be machine washed on a gentle cold or warm wash cycle. Air dry & warm iron for a formal appearance or tumble dry for a crinkled/waffle textural effect. Avoid using wax candles with Muslin. If in doubt please just send an email and we will do our best to assist.

Silk Velvet can be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. Velvet pile can be restored with a 10 minute cycle in a tumble dryer on medium heat or by using a steamer. If Ironing velvet is needed, then Iron on the reverse (silk side) and under brown or parchment paper and always keep the iron moving.